It’s a New Day

From: Like A Tiny Sparrow Rising From The Ashes

Without all the pain
And the hurt
The confusion
That has made me what I was
For the past 25 years at least
Without all the angry
The torment
The fuel for my creations
My stories
My art
Without them
Now that I’ve killed them
I’ve strangled their throats
I’ve rid them of breath
I’ve drained them of life
And now that they’re gone
What have I left
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A Star Goes Out

From: Like A Tiny Sparrow Rising From The Ashes

The loss of another star
Tips the world of the shallow
On its head
To its knees
To tears
In shock
In grief
In torment
For humans elevated so high
We’ve made them gods
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My new job

From the collection Shorts:

This is new
This thing
It could be like a holiday
That might last two weeks
In the sun
And then return back to the day to day grey dismay
That I’ve known for all my years
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Plastic fantastic

From the collection Shorts:

With the amount of people
That said they care about me
I could fill The Albert Hall

Yet with the amount who showed it
I couldn’t fill my car


So today Prince died. That’s sad. There’s been a lot of celebrity deaths that have made a lot of people sad this year. People keep on dying.

I guess that’s just part of life.

But this one nips for me a little bit more than the others. Continue reading “Prince”

The Joy of Children

From the collection Shorts:

Not this bank holiday
But the one before
24 robbers came
Knocking at my door
Just kidding
I went for a walk
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A short story from the collection Shorts

Mikey didn’t know why he was different.

He didn’t want to tell anyone about it because he was ashamed that being different to everybody else wasn’t a good thing. On the outside he projected the normal eleven year old boy he thought the people around him wanted him to be, but underneath, what he felt, and the things that he could do, it made him feel a hundred times different from the little boy everyone thought he was. Continue reading “Mikey”

First post

So, the first post of a blog that may run for years or may just happily fall short at the first hurdle. What should this then be? An introduction? A whimsical comment on what’s to come? On what’s been?

Jason Paul Goodwin. 46 years old at the time of press. Single. I write. I draw. I play. I work.

It’s not so exciting so far huh?

I’ve written some books. They give a better insight to what I am, what I do and what I’m made of. Read some. Hell, read them all. Or at least the ones you can get hold of.

I’ve had too many relationships to count, three nervous breakdowns, a handful of pocket money pets but never a dog. Maybe that’s next. Maybe I should get a dog. It’s got to be better than another breakdown.