A Star Goes Out

From: Like A Tiny Sparrow Rising From The Ashes

The loss of another star
Tips the world of the shallow
On its head
To its knees
To tears
In shock
In grief
In torment
For humans elevated so high
We’ve made them gods
To weep for
To cry for
When day to day
We ignore the pain
Of the people we know
The man on the street
Real people you’re bored of
The people you pretend are your friends
When you need them
But they don’t have the glamour
You can’t invent how fabulous they are
Like your idol on TV
Like your hero on the stage
Because your friends are ordinary
They exist outside your imagination
They’re ordinary
They’re real
They have problems like you
Mundane and grey
Getting by
Day to day
And who cares about that
They’re humans warts and all
They’re just like your idols
Whose flaws you don’t see
Because your gods have been
So very cleverly sold to you
As a product
A wondrous god that
You mortals in your factories
And desk jobs
Are just not enough
Not special enough
To know
You can however
Pretend to love them
We can sell you something
So you can prove it
To your friends
But you ignore what’s under your nose
The people you owe
The real people
The grey people
Because they haven’t written a song
Or told a joke
Or been on TV
They don’t understand us like Prince did
They can’t feel me like Bowie
But they listened to you
In real life
When your cat died
Or your stupid ex shat on you
From such a great height
They loaned you their car
They saved you from shame
They carried your heart
When it was smashed
All kinds of apart
I’m not saying it’s wrong to grieve
The talented
The achievers
Artist poets painters and dreamers
I think it’s admirable and right
But clean your glasses
Open your eyes
Turn off the TV
And look
See what’s in front of you
See who’s in front of you
Who’s suffering
Who’s struggling
Who’s still alive
Help them
Hold them
Show them you care
Validate your love
By loving
Not trying to win the competition
On Facebook
Of who misses a hero
The most
That they didn’t know
And never met

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