It’s a New Day

From: Like A Tiny Sparrow Rising From The Ashes

Without all the pain
And the hurt
The confusion
That has made me what I was
For the past 25 years at least
Without all the angry
The torment
The fuel for my creations
My stories
My art
Without them
Now that I’ve killed them
I’ve strangled their throats
I’ve rid them of breath
I’ve drained them of life
And now that they’re gone
What have I left
Apart from balance
And peace
What am I
Apart from happy
Without those things that made me
For as long as I can remember
Am I nothing
Am I without inspiration
Am I without interest
Am I bland
Who wants to read stories
Of contentment
Of average
Of a sunny morning
Or a pleasant lunch
Not me
But gone are the demons
The fighting
The death
Is all the death
And there was so much of death
Good old beautiful glorious death
That was my only hope
For peace
So what am I now
That I have the
Without the
What should I write
All I’ve got left
To write
Is a list
Of the things
I’m missing
From my fridge

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