Mind Your Own

So after running my own businesses and working freelance for many years and always having a business card in my wallet it feels weird now that I’m working for ‘the man’ and that I don’t readily have that outdated technology of a small square of paper to hand to people with my contact details instead of just bumping phones together or typing my number into someone else’s mobile as is the way now.

I passed a couple out yesterday to some of my friends who immediately responded with ‘but it’s a business card, you aren’t running a business are you?’

‘No not at all.’

‘What if someone gets in touch and asks you to do a job for them.’

‘I’d tell them no thank you.’

‘So why the cards?’

It’s hard to explain. It’s like wearing a watch. And how weird it feels when it’s not there. Or when your wallet isn’t in your back pocket and somehow you can’t settle because you feel something is missing. Something isn’t quite right. Or when you leave your phone at home. Same with the cards given I work in a very image based profession, a number is quite cold, a picture says so much more.

‘But a business card suggests you’re running a business – what is your business?’

‘Minding my own business I guess.’

How we laughed*.

At least it doesn’t have a fax number on it.

*we didn’t laugh, it wasn’t really funny; still having a fax machine in 2016, now that would be funny.

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