My Enemy Turned Ally

From: Like A Tiny Sparrow Rising From The Ashes

I used to lie awake at night
With nothing but my thoughts
Goading me to despair
Leading me hand in sweating panicking pulling retracting hand
Into oblivion
Into sadness
Into anxious worlds
That only death held a hopeful
Illuminated green exit sign
Above the door to freedom
As the best way
As the only way
Or so I thought
Out of that mess

Now my thoughts
Have had their makeover
My foolish brain
I’ve trained
With help
To be my partner in crime
Instead of my enemy
He’s an idiot
My real brain
He’s not a million miles
From the version he used to pretend to be
In fact he’s the same
The only difference is
He’s no longer an actor
Just playing the part
He is the part
And playing the fool
Isn’t a mask
It’s a pleasure

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