Sometimes They Come Back

Currently unpublished.

Life is full

Of surprises

Did you think I was just going to stop
At full
Give over
That’s crazy
When there are still
So many gaps
So many questions
So many things our minds
Are asking
Or not
Sometimes that subconscious
With its mind of its own
Pulls and pokes
And drags you down a path
You wouldn’t choose to go
If you were the one
Behind the steering wheel
We’ve all had a past
Littered with humans
That run
That flee
That walk
Or are pushed
Or thrown
By the wayside
But sometimes
They come back
Like a bad penny
You need to hurl back in the sea
A poor choice
From a life gone by
Turned into a great choice
Of rejection
Of deflection
From destruction
But sometimes
Just sometimes
They have value
To me
Beyond expectation
A happy
From nowhere
From somewhere
From somewhen
From too long ago
To be expected
In this now
But they’re there for the taking
And take this one I will
Because this one makes happy
Makes sunshine
While the snow falls
In the real world
This one
Brings a nice sense of comfort
Through attention
And care
And a simple act
Of return
And reminisce
So sometimes they come back
These humans
These boomerangs
Of my once was
They give smiles
That I’ve missed
Now the dust has long since settled
The pain
Has long since healed
And what’s left now
Are the memories
Of the beautiful things
We made
As a little team
Of two
In between the trouble
That’s so easy to forget
Because practice makes perfect
And twenty-five something years
Is a lot of practice
At adulting
At understanding
At sympathising
At life
At its horrors
And at patience
So take off your coat
Kick off those shoes
Welcome back in
To my head
And my heart
Welcome back in
Like you never left
But all the knives and the bombs that we dropped
Look what came back
A smile
An old friend
An ally
A huge dose of cute
Serotonin galore
Memories by the million
Of Disneyland
And Prince
Of Paris
And more
Stood up and laid down
Chicken dinners
Tax returns at your kitchen table
Sitting on my knee while I drove
Screwing up your face
With that cute little nose
That never needed words
To say
Because you didn’t need words
When your face said it all
Sometimes confusion
Sometimes delight
How can someone say so very very much
With a twitch of her nose
The purse of her lips
A stare
A picture paints a thousand words
Your face painted more
Than a million
And in two thousand and right now
You still do
The same
Cute thing
With your face
Your nose
Your mouth
Your smile
So look who came back
To arrive in my inbox
Remember me?
How can I not
When such lovely big smiles
Sometimes come back
At the most unexpected of times
Using a magical time machine
Of red wine
Mixed with social media
One part wonder
Ten parts subconscious
And a tiny
That never

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