Hide & Seek

Currently unpublished:

They say it isn’t everything
They might be right
You can be perfectly happy
By yourself
They say
But that’s not entirely true
It’s not how we were made
Not how we’re designed to perform
Or why else would there be
Such a thing
As lonely
As alone
As empty
And void
We were designed to travel in packs
In twos
To make more
To do just the same
To keep this whole world rolling along
While we try to destroy it
Bit by bit
By doing the opposite
Of what we should
Don’t tell me I’m weak
Because I want
Don’t tell me
It’ll happen when you stop looking
Because I’ve tasted it
I’ve experienced it
I’ve held it kissed it sucked it cried for it cried with it wanted it hated it repelled it screamed at it and yet
Makes me want it
Makes a part of me crave it
Want to hold it
And not let it go
It’s riddled with cancers
That make it so slippery
That make it impossible
To hold
So much more often
Than not
But there it is
Like a magnet for your soul
For your heart
For your reason to be
Always in the background
I’m here
Just out of reach
Out of sight
Out of your grasp
Out of your mind
So don’t tell me to forget it
Don’t tell me it will come
When I least expect it
Don’t tell me it will happen
When I’ve stopped hoping
You may as well tell my heart to stop
My eyes to stop
My soul to stop
Tell me those lies
And you might as well tell me
Stop living
Stop loving
Stop breathing


Just stop

That’s not how we work
The ones with our hearts
That power our minds

Tell me to stop
Tell me to die then
Because without
I already

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