Currently unpublished:

I woke up
And there was something wrong
Something that wasn’t there yesterday
Something that just felt wrong
Something in my head
Causing nausea
And sickness
A grabbing and rolling in my stomach
Something terribly wrong
Only matched by the thumping and grinding
Of whatever
In my brain
I’ve read the horror stories
I’ve seen the reaper take his quarry
From something that started
As small as a pea
That grew to the size of a melon
In someone’s head
In someone’s brain
A growth
A legion
An intrusion
A tumour
They too must have had
Must have suffered
Pains like these
The worry
That preys on my mind
In my thumping damaged brain
Could it be
Could I be
Is it serious
Is it worse than serious
Be brave
I tell myself
There’s only one way to find out
The demon of your brain
Causing the sickness
And that horrific
Unwanted pain
So as I go to the phone
To make an appointment
For a consult
A brain scan
Perhaps chemo
Or surgery
To right these wrongs
When just in time
I spot
The seven empty cans
Of strong cider
I drank last night

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