Fuck With Me

Everyone who fucks with me
Everyone who’s fucked with me
They might not feel like they did
Or think they did
But they did
They won
Simply because
In my head
And it’s the only head I’ve got
Thank Christ
The voices said
And they told it straight
There’s only 2 sides
One winner
One loser
I lost
They won

Older and wiser
My new guess is
Everyone lost
Nobody won
So we all learned a little something
Along the way
In the heart of the battle
Amidst the screams
The tears
The pain
The angry
And the hate
If we were bright enough to see it
We might have figured something
Seen a map
A way out
The mess
The solution
The problem

I let myself be taken
They didn’t appreciate what they had

Nobody wins
Everyone comes 2nd
In a race of 2
Boy vs girl
In the World Series of love

Life has changed
There’s a tiny gap
A sliver of light
Through the cracks
That are left
If you can squeeze the fuck through
You can fuck with me
But woe betide
Those who do
I’ll drop you
The same way I dropped the others
But I won’t shed a tear
I won’t skip a beat
I won’t even flinch
This time
A motherfucker’s a motherfucker’s a motherfucker
In the inevitable words
Of my favourite self
Go fuck your self
And die in your sleep
Good riddance

Fuck with me
It’s not on the menu
The menu
Right now
For special guests alone
Holds a smile
Holds a hand
Holds its own
In a world full of pain
And piss
And vinegar
And love
And kindness
And real and true and wonderful humans
In my corner at least
For now

For now

Take your fucking
And jam it up your fuckhole
Fuck with me
It’s up to you
But don’t expect
To join you
In your great big fuck parade
With a superhuman mega-sized float
The size of the sun
That was only
For one

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