The Red Kite

The Red Kite
Will mate for life
Whereas the Mountain Hare
Will seek another
As soon as it finished
The last
Of the pack
It previously mounted
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My Enemy Turned Ally

Currently unpublished

I used to lie awake at night
With nothing but my thoughts
Goading me to despair
Leading me hand in sweating panicking pulling retracting hand
Into oblivion
Into sadness
Into anxious worlds
That only death held a hopeful
Illuminated green exit sign
Above the door to freedom
As the best way
As the only way
Or so I thought
Out of that mess
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Mind Your Own

So after running my own businesses and working freelance for many years and always having a business card in my wallet it feels weird now that I’m working for ‘the man’ and that I don’t readily have that outdated technology of a small square of paper to hand to people with my contact details instead of just bumping phones together or typing my number into someone else’s mobile as is the way now.
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It’s a New Day

Currently unpublished:

Without all the pain
And the hurt
The confusion
That has made me what I was
For the past 25 years at least
Without all the angry
The torment
The fuel for my creations
My stories
My art
Without them
Now that I’ve killed them
I’ve strangled their throats
I’ve rid them of breath
I’ve drained them of life
And now that they’re gone
What have I left
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