It’s Not Christmas But…

So I was making a coffee before work the other day and lifting up my mug whose delightful face should I see left by the water from its base but my old friend Jack.


What a lovely start to my day. 

#nightmarebeforechristmas #jackskellington


Mind Your Own

So after running my own businesses and working freelance for many years and always having a business card in my wallet it feels weird now that I’m working for ‘the man’ and that I don’t readily have that outdated technology of a small square of paper to hand to people with my contact details instead of just bumping phones together or typing my number into someone else’s mobile as is the way now.
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First post

So, the first post of a blog that may run for years or may just happily fall short at the first hurdle. What should this then be? An introduction? A whimsical comment on what’s to come? On what’s been?

Jason Paul Goodwin.Ā 46 years old at the time of press. Single. I write. I draw. I play. I work.

It’s not so exciting so far huh?

I’ve written some books. They give a better insight to what I am, what I do and what I’m made of. Read some. Hell, read them all. Or at least the ones you can get hold of.

I’ve had too many relationships to count, three nervous breakdowns, a handful of pocket money pets but never a dog. Maybe that’s next. Maybe I should get a dog. It’s got to be better than another breakdown.