If Music Be the Food of Love

If Music Be the Food of LoveThe most beautiful of love stories that will ever grace your eyes.

It’s starts out very angry at the world and goes on to tell a story of how superficial it is and all of the people in it.

Beauty is power. That isn’t real beauty. Real beauty is something else entirely.

What follows is the nearest you’ll probably ever get to anything I’ve written that’s a love story with a happy ending. The nearest bit is to do with the happy ending not the love story. It is definitely a love story. Whether you think it has the happy ending I think it does is a whole other question. I think it teems of joy, emotion, real love and all the things in the world that make it beautiful. You may think otherwise.

Maybe because it’s littered with acts of rejection, abuse, loneliness, abduction, incest, death and cannibalism. Who’s to say? We all dance to different drums don’t we?

If you’d like to read it absolutely free and check it out for yourselves, click the following link to open a PDF in your browser:

If Music Be the Food of Love? F*# It, Let’s Eat…


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