Nightmares for Carebears

Nightmares for CarebearsAfter writing so much work with adult content, I thought that there must be a kids book in me, somewhere, just itching to get out. Perhaps a bedtime story book mums and dads could read to their little darlings? The problem with that was maybe I’m not the type of person to be telling bedtime stories to anyone.

After reading Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, I thought, ‘Hell yeah, kids horror is a thing, I can do that. I know where the line is.’

Turns out I don’t.

It started well. I wrote some spooky kids poetry for the very young. And then something a bit creepier for kids a little older. And then something almost grown up for the big kids. And then work that was nothing like suitable for kids. And then I did some more.

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It’s not what it was meant to be. Perhaps it’s a kids book you don’t have to put down just because junior’s finally asleep; there’s something in it for you too.

Just don’t leave it lying around. Unless your kids have been behaving really bad and you want to plague their dreams with nightmares.

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