Peter’s a Bastard

Peter's a BastardThis is one of the few things that I ever made, one of the stories I wrote, that I’m really rather proud of.

It’s not even really my story. OK, I wrote it. It was my idea. My angle, my thoughts on somebody else’s story already told.

And it’s just a simple fairy story. It’s pretty. Like a fairy story. That’s the bit I think that surprised people about me. That it was pretty.

But it’s also pretty sad.

Up until I let this story loose, people only ever really saw the fool I pretended to be. Rarely did anyone see a real actual feeling, fumbling human jumble underneath the mask that was on show to those around me; and of course it was a show, because it was the fool who ran it.

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As I said, this story isn’t just pretty, it’s sad. I think I do sad a lot better than I do anything else, but until I let this one loose I hadn’t given anyone a chance to see it for what it was. I still couldn’t resist letting the fool finish it off. With a twist. With a snigger. If you’ve ever been lonely or jealous, let down by your own foolish heart, or angry anxious or depressed, then this one’s for you. And if you like smiling. And feeling warm. It’s for you too. Because someone, somewhere, however sad, lonely and jealous you are, feels just like you do too.

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