Sometimes It’s Sunny

Sometime's It's Sunny and Sometime's It RainsA series of 5 terribly short stories created to look like children’s literature, where the content is happy to prove otherwise. ‘Terribly’ short stories could describe the length of each, or the dubious taste in content.

Sometimes It’s Sunny and Sometimes It Rains
Doggy Loves a Bone
Emperor Grampy’s New Clothes
The Little Girl Who Couldn’t Cry
Mummy Daddy Mummy Daddy

What a disgusting creature I was in my thirties. With a childish sense of humour and an accidental discovery that I could tell stories that would make people laugh, fall into sadness and cringe in disgust and distaste, yet still keep them reading. What resulted from my dark sense of fun and my inability to care where the line of decency was, if there ever was one,  was this little collection of monsters.

Five stories. Five little bits of naughty. At least five times somebody or something dies, gets humped, burned, maimed or, well, worse… all from a handful of stories created to make the naughty ones among us giggle, with five pretty much unhappy endings.

This isn’t available for you to buy. Not while my parents are still on the planet. I wouldn’t ever want to put them through the shame of what a terrible monster they made.

If you really want to read them, try emailing me. I might just let you loose on them.