The Wretched

The WretchedThis was one of my earlier projects, from a time I was still much more interested in producing pictures than the words that went with them. I guess that’s why I tackled this with my buddy Kevin. I had him along for the ride to help with all of what I thought was out of my depth. The whole ‘writing words’ side of things. Who’d have thought he’d help open up the can of worms that would lead to everything that was to come after. Not me. But from taking on a large percentage of the writing involved with this, it led to all manner of different styles of creative projects that came after, and also into the commercial writing work I do for a living.

Once more, it’s a familiar theme, but thrown in the washing machine, spun half to death until something new, some other way of telling an old story, falls out and into the hundred pages between the covers.

Good vs Evil. Do we have an opinion on how creation came about? How life came to pass? Do we care where it’s going?

Meet Dawson Price, a 15 year old boy. See how he tackles his world. And how he tackles a whole new world where he hasn’t the first idea about what and who’s waiting for him to take his place.

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