Content Writer For Sale

content-writerI love to tell stories, but I earn the majority of my living by writing content for the Internet.

Writing for fun, and delivering the stories, prose and illustrated projects I’ve created over the many, many years, filled the gaps between wondering what I might do when I grow up—and here I am today, pretty sure I never did (grow up, that is).

Creative writing provided a break from the day-to-day work I was creating that paid for me to eat, sleep and to soak up and learn from the mass of wonderfully written books, films, TV, theatre and the many other platforms of storytelling that catch my attention, from the comfort of my own home or wherever else I adventure to find it.

UK based, native speaking, high-quality writer for hire

I create high-quality written work for whatever you need—on the subject of your choice. I’ll happily research everything I need to know to put together engaging copy for whoever your target audience is, but if you can guide me into specifically what you’re looking for—that’s even better.

I’ll create a tone and style that suits your brand; which means I can be your customer’s best friend, a professional, a specialist or just the deliverer of wisdom they feel they can trust from the first few words of engagement.

Content for PBN, SEO, blogging, guest posts, reviews and more…

I’ve undertaken all sorts of writing projects over a ridiculously long period of time. I’ve created copy for offline projects: brochures, catalogues, press and print media advertising, but writing for the Internet is where my level of high-quality work really comes to life.

Working with Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO experts and website creatives, I will write the words to fill the pages you need, to update your blog, to deliver the news, to explain how to use your product, to drive traffic into your website, and a million other options to boot.

If a picture paints a thousand words, just imagine what kind of picture a thousand words can paint?

On the off-chance that you’ve read some of my creative offerings and you pay to feature short stories, poetry, connected content or creative musings on your website or in your publications, then I’m happy to hear from you too. In fact, way more than happy—I’d be delighted.

Put your money where my mouth is (that sounded better in my head)

So why not give me a call or drop me a line? My competitive rates offer incredible value, and depending on how much work you need and how regular—because I’m not a corporate agency—I can offer you a package rate to put a little money back in your own pocket.

Call me on 07941 103833 or email me at



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